Self Pay Market

Self Pay Markets are self–checkout stores that offer a range of fresh and healthy food products in a secured location for you by Self Pay Vending. Self Pay Markets can be customized to fit anywhere in your plant or break room.

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G & M Vending Machines

G & M Vending is a family owned business with over 45 years of success with the third generation taking charge. We are a Full Line Vending Service with 24-hour Service Line to accommodate all size accounts.

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Coffee Services

Whether you have a small office/group or a large, we will assess your needs and can provide the best coffee services as per your demands. Choose from the best coffee brands. Different types of coffee such as cinch packs, filter packs & K-cups also with tea and coco products are available.

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Save big with wholesale buying

Choose from the best selection of available beverages, confectionaries, crisps & snacks, grocery, health & beauty, housewares, and seasonal items.